How To Get Your Permit
Mobile Vending application is available online on the Tax Collector's Web site. Use the provided checklist to help you proceed through the steps. You can find citation authority under each step for reference and extra clarity.

A Local Business Tax Receipt and Vendor’s Permit  are required as per Section 250.1201, City Ordinance. Please note:
  • Food Truck operators that have permits renewed before Feb. 2, 2015 will have a grace period for the new process until time to renew their permit again.
  • Vending in a public park requires separate permission and application through the Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department.
  • Vending at Special Events requires the Food Truck operator to provide a copy of their Vendor Permit to the event organizer.
  • The rules regarding distance, signage, and hours differ for dispensing Downtown and elsewhere in the City.
  • Vending without the required permits can result in costly citations. We’re here to help! Check out our contact sheet for help with the process.