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Guide to JaxScore 1.0 Metrics

One of Mayor Brown’s six priorities is to create a more effective and efficient government. Within that priority is the goal of increasing accountability and transparency in government operations. JaxScore 1.0 is a part of a comprehensive performance management process that will give residents important information about where the City's departments, divisions and independent agencies are focused, how well they are doing, and where efforts need to be supported. With quarterly updates, JaxScore will empower residents with an increased understanding of department responsibilities and encourage more accountability.

City employees are being better aligned with the mayor's priorities - from the department director to each team member - putting them in a better position to understand how their job relates to the overall vision. This alignment will lead to increased transparency in the budget preparation process, to help better allocate city resources throughout the fiscal year.

JaxScore is a collaborative effort to provide meaningful and important information on the city's progress. We're looking at many different ways to make this a more dynamic, interactive and useful tool. If you want to see something different on our scorecards, please let us know.

Each metric on JaxScore 1.0 is clickable and launches a .pdf file with additional information on the metric, which includes:

  • The department & division that the metric belongs to
  • The quarterly or annual target for the metric (if applicable)
  • The administration priority (or priorities) it is linked to
  • The trend chart for the metric over the last three years (if available)
  • A narrative to explain the metric
  • Additional pictures and details explaining the metric and the results
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Adobe .pdf files can be read with Adobe Reader, available as a free download at