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Performance Management at the City of Jacksonville

The primary goals of performance management at the City of Jacksonville are, to better serve the citizens by :

  • Driving efficiency within the government
  • Driving alignment with the administration priorities 
  • Providing transparency to the public
To drive efficiency, scorecards and metrics have been established for each department and division which are aligned with the Mayor’s priorities. Each employee has established goals and metrics linked to their Department and Division scorecards. The scorecard metrics are monitored on a regular basis and discussed in senior leadership meetings. Many analytics solutions have been / are being created to help the senior leadership team monitor and manage performance.

JaxScore 1.0 with an initial set of metrics will provide transparency into city operations, priorities and progress.

To drive alignment with city priorities, scorecard metrics have been cascaded from the administration's priorities to Department & Division scorecards, all the way down to each employee. This is to provide a daily reminder of what is important and to continually improve service to Jacksonville citizens. The performance management loop is completed with regular performance reviews, feedback, reward and recognition.

Performance Management 1
Performance Management 2