Where Requests Occur

This chart shows the number of service requests by departments and divisions. The county map is broken down by Zip code and shows requests received, completedcurrently active or percent on-time.  These service requests can be seen by fiscal year going back to 2008. Below the map, service requests are broken down by issue description for the selected fiscal year, departments and divisions.

  • Use the fiscal year drop down menu to select a fiscal year going back to 2008. 
  • Change the metric displayed by selecting the appropriate radio button for requests receivedcompletedcurrently active or percent on-time.
  • Mouse over the Zip code areas on the map to see a pop-up with details for that Zip code.
  • Select a department by clicking on the appropriate radio button.  Click “All” to select all departments.
  • Once a department is selected, you may select one or more of the divisions within that department by checking or unchecking the boxes next to the division names.