Welcome to JaxScore 2.0!

JaxScore provides a snapshot of how well the City of Jacksonville is performing in relation to our goals and priorities. Visit our JaxScore 1.0 scorecard page for detailed information about how City offices, departments and divisions are performing. If you have feedback or are interested in learning more about JaxScore, send an email to JaxScore@coj.net.

Overview of the 2.0 Enhancements

JaxScore 2.0 provides a more interactive way for users to better examine, visualize and customize performance data to see how the City is doing.

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Overview of City Service Requests

The City of Jacksonville has approximately 7,000 employees serving more than 800,000 residents within 841 square miles. The City provides waste and recycling collection to 263,000 households and maintains 3,600 miles of roadways, 386 public parks, more than 800 public buildings and 696 miles of roadside ditches.

The City of Jacksonville provides services based on a wide range of needs from its residents and visitors. Service requests are generated by City employees or customers who contact 630-CITY by phone, online, email or in person. The City’s goal is to promote government transparency and to provide a clear understanding of the number of requests the City is working on. Check out the interactive map to view what we are doing and where.

  • Information is based on Fiscal Year, October 1 through September 30.
  • Citizen Active Response Effort (CARE) service requests are included if they were (1) closed from 2008-Present, or (2) are still active and were received 2008-Present.
  • Based on CARE Business Rules, cancelled requests are NOT included.  Metrics are tied to the current (active requests) or last assigned agency (closed requests).
  • Department names have been updated to reflect the most recent reorganization.  For instance, the Regulatory Compliance Department includes requests for all three of the ways CARE has referred to that entity.
  • Divisions (and small departments) with relatively low request volumes will be lumped into the “Other” category.
  • Divisions that moved between Departments in the latest government reorganization have been added to their current Department to ensure a more continuous trend line across the years.
  • Counts for Issue Descriptions which have been “retired” with a date added to their title have been merged with the “date-less” version to ensure accuracy.
  • The number received is counted by the year they came in (issue year) and the number completed is counted by the year they were done (closed year).  
  • The number completed could be different than the number received for a selected year because of the natural backlog that occurs across fiscal years and the agency’s ability to effect a positive net change in a backlog.
  • Number active is counted by how many requests are still open that came in during the year selected.  For the city-wide view, the number active at the top of the chart is the sum of ALL open service requests, regardless of year.
  • Percent on time is based on whether a request has been closed by the estimated completion date in CARE, which is determined by the issue description in business days.  Open and past due requests WILL affect the percent on time calculation.
  • Requests with Zip Codes that cross county borders or are near borders have been changed to display entirely within Duval County borders (For example: 32073 Jacksonville requests have been changed to 32244, and 32081 requests have been changed to 32256). 
  • Approximately 300 requests with no Zip Code specified, spanning the seven years of data, have been excluded.

Guide to the JaxScore 2.0 Metrics

JaxScore 2.0 provides a more interactive way for users to better examine, visualize and customize performance data to see how the City is doing. Using maps and customizable data tables, users are able to examine information by fiscal year, Zip code, department and more.

The data come from the City’s Citizen Active Response Effort (CARE) system and is uploaded monthly to the JaxScore 2.0 system.

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Data Table Alternatives

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