Office of Mayor Lenny Curry
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Public Safety

Improving public safety is a top priority for Mayor Curry. Since his election, he has consistently demonstrated this commitment by working closely with law enforcement officials and communities to support efforts to improve the safety of citizens. Efforts include the restoring cuts to law enforcement personnel, reinstating the Community Service Officer program, investing in new crime-fighting technologies, and building stronger communities with prevention & intervention initiatives like Cure Violence and the Community Based Crime Reduction program.

Economic Development

Jacksonville has seen tremendous momentum in economic development with more jobs and opportunities for people and businesses throughout the city. With support from partners at the federal, state and local levels, Mayor Curry is committed to creating the conditions that attract businesses, large and small, where citizens can secure employment opportunities to support their families.


A successful city is characterized by neighborhoods where citizens feel safe, have access to quality infrastructure and resources, and are supported by a thriving economy. The Curry administration is making efforts to strengthen and invest in every Jacksonville neighborhood – block by block – ensuring quality of life for every resident.


Mayor Curry is dedicated to enhancing services, programs and opportunities that support youth education and development. He created the Kids Hope Alliance: The Jacksonville Partnership for Children, Youth & Families, to reform children’s services in Jacksonville. KHA services focus on early learning; juvenile justice intervention; and out-of-school, pre-teen and teen programming.

Health & Wellness

Research supports that the health and well-being of residents is a key indicator to the vitality and health of a community. Seeking to improve its ranking, The City of Jacksonville launched Journey to One, a health initiative with programs, opportunities, and partners who share the mission of equipping every citizen, in every ZIP code, with resources, offerings and conditions to live well in Jacksonville.

Leadership & Accountability

The Mayor's administration maintains its commitment to sound fiscal stewardship, ensuring that citizens receive the greatest return on their taxpayer dollars. This drive led to the passage of the mayor’s pension reform plan, in partnership with City Council, which placed the City in its strongest fiscal position in recent years and enables investments in priorities and programs that better serve the people of Jacksonville.