Ceremonial proclamations from Mayor Donna Deegan may be requested according to the following guidelines and submitted via the application below. Only 10 proclamations will be issued per month. Understanding that proclamations, by their form and function, are data-driven documents, they are reserved for very specific occasions, as detailed below. Requests that do not meet the prescribed parameters may be fulfilled or altered, per the mayor’s discretion.

Please read the eligibility requirements below, and note that the administration reserves the right to reject, adapt or accept requests based on these guidelines.
  • Anniversaries of businesses, organizations, nonprofits and other Duval County agencies on milestone years, beginning at 50 years and proceeding in 5-year increments.
  • Annual events celebrating milestone years (see criteria above). Inaugural events may be considered. 
  • Designations of parks, streets or other public markers recognized as significant historic locations within Duval County.
  • Honorary Citizens to nationally/internationally recognized heroes, guests, entertainers/artists, or dignitaries as a welcome to Jacksonville and commemoration of his/her importance to both our city and the nation.
  • Recognition of deceased individuals who made significant contributions as a citizen to the improvement, well-being or growth of Jacksonville.
  • Awareness of broad, national, sometimes global, issues directly affecting our city. Educating the general public on specifics involving how to protect from, prevent, research or eradicate the issue at hand.
  • Community Outreach to support local organizations and events that have a positive influence on Jacksonville’s quality of life.
* Only one copy is provided per proclamation. Duplicates are at the discretion of the Public Affairs Office.
* Due to the large number of requests received, forms submitted with fewer than 30 days’ notice (taking consideration of national holidays, when the office is not staffed) may be cause for rejection.
* Questions? Please email hspring@coj.net.

PLEASE NOTE: You should be directed to a new page upon submission of request. If this does not happen, please review the form to ensure all information was input properly. You should receive a confirmation email from noreply@coj.net to the email address you provided, shortly after submitting request. If you do not receive a confirmation, the request has not been received by our office and you will need to submit the request again.​

Proclamation Application

Requestor Information

For more information, please read the Proclamation Guidelines above the application form.

Request Information

Please provide as much detail as possible in order to supplement your proclamation application. 

(Example: Mental Health Awareness Month, Jacksonville Goes to College Week, Arbor Day, etc.)




(Example from Childhood Cancer Awareness Month: "encourage all citizens to raise awareness of childhood cancer and the support efforts being made in our community to assist those fighting this unexpected battle.")

Delivery Information

Must be at least 30 days from time of submission.
Pickup location is at City Hall, Suite 240, 117 W. Duval St., Jacksonville, FL 32202.
PLEASE NOTE: You should receive a confirmation email from noreply@coj.net to the email address you provided. If you do not receive a confirmation, the request has not been received by our office and you will need to submit the request again.​