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Jobs for Jax: Creating Jobs and Opportunities

April 08, 2021  
Mayor Curry speaking from the podium at the Jobs for Jax announcement in March 2021 with posters detailing the project list in the foreground.

Jobs for Jax is about more than building new roads and infrastructure. It’s about investing in Jacksonville neighborhoods and strengthening our community by creating more jobs and economic opportunities for our people.

This week an independent analysis of the 72 proposed Jobs For Jax projects by the University of North Florida Coggin College of Business estimated the program would create more than 7,600 jobs and generate and economic impact of more than $1.6 billion for our community. The study measures the economic impact of each project in the forms of employment and output for our region.
This kind of return will have a tremendous impact on the quality of life for citizens throughout Northeast Florida, for decades to come.
Investments in improving transportation infrastructure and improving neighborhood conditions are investments in economic development. For too long, we have neglected to properly invest in these needs in many of our neighborhoods, holding back the people who live there. I am committed to changing that and Jobs for Jax is the best way to move forward.
To learn more about Jobs for Jax and the projects it will fund, please visit to read FAQs, the project list, and the Economic Impact Report I talked about above. You can also review my earlier blog post.
Moving forward, my team and I will continue to work with City Council to earn their approval for this important initiative so shovels can start hitting the dirt later this year.