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Another Year of Winning

August 03, 2017  

Having been a CPA, I’ve long known that budgets are about priorities. You can tell a lot about what an organization cares about by how it allocates resources. 

My team and I kept this belief in mind as we presented a balanced budget to City Council on July 17. The budget we’re proposing puts our vision of One City. One Jacksonville. into action by investing in key priorities.
Watch my full budget presentation to City Council
We’re able to make these investments because we solved the biggest single threat to the future of our city: the pension crisis. If our reforms had failed, our pension contributions would have increased $69 million this year. Instead, we have a bold solution in place that provides the ability to realize our full potential for every person and every neighborhood.
Our highest priority as a city is the safety of our people. To demonstrate that, I’m launching the Safer Neighborhoods Investment Plan. In it I recommend major investments in personnel, equipment, and programs to improve the safety of citizens.
Infrastructure is the backbone of a great city. One of my biggest responsibilities as mayor is to create an environment in our city where people and businesses can thrive. Our roadways and other critical projects have been neglected for years. The $131 million capital improvement program I’m proposing this year demonstrates my commitment to all of Jacksonville – including downtown.
While infrastructure is the backbone, our children are the heartbeat of our city. This budget makes key investments in our kids, particularly our “at-hope” kids with the highest needs.
Throughout my time in office, I have sought to govern in a way that shows the utmost respect for taxpayers. That means being a good steward of taxpayer dollars, and ensuring that we receive the maximum return for our investments.
View the F17-18 Proposed Budget and Capital Improvement Plan