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Meet Alexandria…

August 04, 2017  

Earlier this month, I met a future leader in our community. Her name is Alexandria Andrade, and she’s a rising 5th grader at Sallye Mathis Elementary School. 

Alexandria, or Allie as her friends call her, introduced me at the news conference announcing my children’s services reforms. Even though she told me she was a little nervous in front of all those cameras, she did an awesome job.
When I talk about our children as our most precious resource, I’m talking about kids like Allie in neighborhoods throughout our community. Kids who are full of hope, dreams, and such promising potential.
We all have a vested interest in our children’s success because when they succeed, we all succeed.
All youth in our community deserve a chance to achieve their dreams, and we’re going to give them that chance. That’s what the Kids Hope Alliance is about.
Our Jacksonville should be celebrated as a family-friendly city. We should be a place where every young person, in every zip code, has the tools, resources, and opportunities to thrive. These reforms lead us closer to that goal.
Watch highlights from the Aug. 2 news conference