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Progress on the Emerald Trail

August 26, 2019  
This morning, I was joined in the Atrium of City Hall by Groundwork Jacksonville to highlight developments and next steps for the Emerald Trail project - a wonderful example of the benefits of public-private partnerships.
Mayor Curry speaking at the Aug. 26, 2019 Groundwork news conference at City Hall
The Emerald Trail will be transformative for Downtown Jacksonville and our entire community. It will connect more than a dozen of our historic urban neighborhoods and offer a safe transportation option for our residents who walk or bike to school and work, and hopefully encourage even more to do so. The Emerald Trail will be a catalyst for outdoor recreation, economic development, social connection and civic pride.

The donations and partnerships we announced today add momentum to the recent announcement of the $357,000 NOAA grant for our partnership on the McCoys Creek restoration.

Realizing the century-long dream of the Emerald Trail would not be possible if not for the strong partnership and hard work of Kay Ehas and the entire Groundwork Jacksonville team, including its Board, donors and volunteers. I appreciate their continued commitment to building the Emerald Trail and what that means for the future of Jacksonville. 

This is only the beginning, and I am incredibly excited for what lies ahead for the Emerald Trail, and our city.