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“Earn the Right to Win”

December 19, 2017  
Mayor Lenny Curry with Jaguars Quarterback Blake Bortles and Sheriff Mike Williams with kids at a football camp in June 2017.

Success is built on getting the right talent together around a common vision, putting in the time and preparation, and executing the plan. The Jaguars are leveraging these principles into a winning season, earning support and generating enthusiasm all over the city.

Few things are more evident than my love of football and the Jaguars.
I am particularly proud of our home team’s performance this season. This team has been focused and driven. And the Jaguars are delivering on the field, as demonstrated by them clinching a position in the playoffs on Sunday.
The game of football unites and inspires. I learned a lot on the gridiron that I carry with me to this day – important lessons about hard work, sportsmanship, teamwork, and leadership. The young men on my youth football team are learning these important lessons too.
In his book, “Earn the Right to Win,” Tom Coughlin wrote what has become a mantra for my leadership:

“Winning is what happens when commitment, desire, talent, preparation, hard work, and leadership all come together.”
Like the Jaguars, my team and I are putting in the hard work every day to execute our plans for this community. Let’s celebrate the progress of our city and our home team. Go Jags!