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Every neighborhood, every ZIP code

February 20, 2018  
From left: Councilman Reggie Brown, Councilman Reggie Gaffney, Mayor Lenny Curry, Councilwoman Katrina Brown, and Councilman Sam Newby.

One City. One Jacksonville. is a promise for our entire city. Not just for downtown, but for every community in Duval County.

In recent years, too many neighborhoods have been left out of that promise. I’ve walked in many of these neighborhoods, and had discussions with citizens on their front steps. They’re frustrated, and rightfully so. They’re tired of these broken promises and want their government to take action.
I recently joined City Council members Reggie Brown (district 10), Katrina Brown (district 8), and Reggie Gaffney (district 7) at the Soul Food Bistro to highlight the progress of projects they requested we make in their districts.
Our shared commitment to improving public safety, not only through increased manpower, but through investing in stronger communities, better equipment and neighborhood infrastructure remains strong.
Last month, we put a new Rescue unit in service at Fire Station 4 in Councilman Gaffney’s district to provide better response times and life-saving assistance. And we worked with Councilwoman Brown, JEA and JSO to install new crime-deterring streetlights in high-needs areas throughout the city.
We’re making significant gains in economic development. Since July 2015, we’ve created 2,241 jobs in districts 7, 8 & 10 with companies like Amazon, Maxwell House, Mercedes-Benz, The Safariland Group and Hans-Mill Corporation.
And we’re improving the quality of life in these communities with park enhancements, renovations at senior centers and neighborhood libraries, bicycle and pedestrian safety efforts, infrastructure and drainage improvements, and by continuing the fight against neighborhood blight.
We’re doing the hard work that’s been neglected for too long, working to fulfill the promise of One City. One Jacksonville. for every neighborhood in our city. I know we have so much more to do, but with the continuing collaboration between my team and City Council, we will succeed in every neighborhood, every ZIP code.