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Kicking Off Human Trafficking Awareness Month

January 21, 2020  
This morning, I joined Sheriff Mike Williams, State Attorney Melissa Nelson and the Northeast Florida Human Trafficking Coalition to kick off National Human Trafficking Awareness Month in Jacksonville. 
Mayor Curry speaks from the podium for the 2020 HUman Trafficking Awareness Month kickoff news conference
The month, held annually in January, aims to raise awareness, increase public knowledge, and better combat human trafficking in Northeast Florida. 

Human trafficking is one of the most heinous and egregious crimes that can be committed, stripping individuals of their God-given rights and freedoms. It is my highest duty as mayor to protect the safety and freedoms of all citizens. And that’s a commitment I stand behind 100 percent. 

But it takes more than government to solve this problem. We all remember the slogan, “if you see something, say something.” But crimes like these do not always happen in broad daylight. The signs are not always so easy to see.  

This month, our partners at the Northeast Florida Human Trafficking Coalition are hosting numerous events to raise awareness, educate, and update the community on how law enforcement and community service groups work together to combat human trafficking in our area; and how citizens can get involved in the solution.

I am committed to a vision for our city that is free of human trafficking. I am committed to providing hope and support for victims of this crime in our community. And I am committed to continued collaboration with our coalition partners and community members to making our shared vision a reality.