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Operation Save Our Sons

January 27, 2020  
Last week, I stopped by the Hyatt in downtown Jacksonville to speak with a room full of promising young men, to encourage them to invest in themselves and their futures.
Mayor Curry on stage at the 2020 Save Our Sons Summit
Operation Save Our Sons (OSOS) started in 2012. It was founded by my good friend Dr. John E. Guns, a minister in our community who is extremely passionate about improving the lives of youth in our community. 

In fact, it was Dr. Guns' enthusiastic speech at my 2011 Inauguration that laid out our shared vision for One City. One Jacksonville. A vision to bring our community together. A commitment to every person, every family and every neighborhood throughout Jacksonville.

OSOS works collaboratively with our schools, local government, law enforcement agencies, businesses, fraternities and nonprofit organizations to build meaningful partnerships to support the needs of youth in our city. 

In their annual summit, OSOS works to empower young men in or community, guided by a set of values that encourage respect, positive thinking and wise choices. It connects these young people with positive role models and exposes them to a variety of learning and employment opportunities. 

OSOS is doing amazing things in our city. I am grateful for Bishop Guns and his team for their leadership in this effort helping young people in our community reach their full potential.