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Safer neighborhoods mean stronger city

July 05, 2017  

Edward Waters College (EWC) should be a beacon of light for our community. Not just because of its historic significance, but because of its many valuable contributions to our city. Today, we announced plans to strengthen those contributions.

When I propose my budget to City Council on July 17, it will introduce a Safer Neighborhoods Investment Plan that includes support for safety improvements and infrastructure enhancements that will serve EWC students and community members. These dollars will go toward improving facilities and living conditions for students on campus, contributing to student recruitment and retention efforts.
In addition, building on our Journey To ONE mission to create healthier outcomes for citizens in every zip code, we’re supporting EWC’s development of a “community field” – to include an on-campus football field and a high-quality track for citizen use in Health Zone 1, a community wrought with health, safety and education disparities.
These $8 million investments are part of a larger strategy in my upcoming budget to create “Safer Neighborhoods” throughout the city – a demonstration of my ongoing commitment to public safety.
EWC is a vital part of our city, not just for New Town and the northside, but for our entire city and even the state. EWC is the state’s oldest private institution established to educate African-Americans, and has grown to be an anchor institution for the surrounding neighborhood.
The safer we make our communities; the safer we make our city.
Go Tigers!
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