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Hitting the streets to learn what citizens really think

June 27, 2017  

One thing you learn as mayor going door-to-door to talk with residents: they keep it real.

Some of the most valuable discussions I have had are with residents at their front doors. It’s critical to take their thoughts back to City Hall and find ways to address real issues facing the people of our city. 
Earlier this year, I spent an afternoon in the Justina Rd. / Arlington area visiting with neighbors. 
By simply asking, “what can your City do for you?” I learn that public safety is on the minds of most. They want to know how their City is making families, neighborhoods and communities safe. 
I go home thinking about conversations like these, and come in every morning determined to take action. Every neighborhood in Jacksonville should be safe. 
As mayor, I will continue to invest in resources and programs that promote public safety, but Sheriff Williams and I can’t do it alone. We must do more as a community to stem the tide of violence.
As citizens, you can take an active role in creating a safer city.
  • You can volunteer to mentor at-hope youth, or coach a youth sports team.
  • You can join the Sheriff’s Watch program and discuss problems and solutions for your neighborhood with JSO.
  • You can support programs and organizations that work with at-hope youth or ex-offenders.
  • You can help fight neighborhood blight and host a cleanup on your street.
Working together, we can create a safer One City. One Jacksonville.