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Topping off the new FIS Headquarters

June 07, 2021  
This morning, I joined FIS CEO Gary Norcross and other community leaders for the topping off ceremony for the new FIS Headquarters building going up in the Brooklyn neighborhood, adding to Jacksonville's great momentum. 
Mayor Curry signing the steel beam for the FIS HQ topping off ceremony.
I am grateful for the amazing partnership between the City and FIS. My administration and I were proud to work with Gary and his team on the agreement for this new headquarters, which is also brining more jobs and an expanded company presence in our community. 

Our city has a strong and growing reputation as a leader in FINTECH, due in large part to the presence of FIS, a fortune 200 company, worldwide leader in FINTECH, and $14 billion global business. 

That reputation is what’s bringing Dun & Bradstreet to town, which we announced a few weeks ago. This new headquarters builds upon it even further. And I’m confident that this is only the beginning. More and more companies will relocate to Florida--and Jacksonville in particular--in the coming years due to our high quality of life, lower tax burden, and affordable cost of living. And we welcome them here with open arms. 

This new building will also bring new beauty and vibrancy to our downtown skyline, bolstering community pride, and helping to make this a lively and active urban core. 

Again, thank you for this opportunity to participate this morning, highlighting this significant milestone for FIS and our community. 

  FIS Topping Off Ceremony