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World Championship Skateboarding is Coming to JAX

June 08, 2021  
Mayor Lenny Curry and professional skateboard athlete Paul Rodriguez.

This November, our beautiful St. Johns riverfront in Downtown Jacksonville will be transformed into the ultimate skatepark to host the 2021 Street League Skateboarding World Championship!

This major event will bring 25 of the world’s greatest skateboarding athletes and thousands of fans to our city, and will put our community in the international spotlight with countless viewers on television and online. With skate boarding’s entry into the Olympics, there has never been more attention for this growing sport, and we are proud to be on the front-end. 

Jacksonville is the perfect home for this event. With the oldest skate park in the nation at Kona, we have a long history with the sport and its heritage. And we are certainly no stranger to big time sports events as host to the UFC this year and last year, the annual TaxSlayer Gator Bowl, Florida-Georgia Games, and so many more. And our region is also the home to THE PLAYERS which garners a major international audience every year. 

It took the efforts of many people to get here today, and I’m appreciative to them all. Thanks to Airstream Ventures, Visit Jacksonville, the Tourist Development Council, and the team at Street League Skateboarding for bringing this substantial event to our community. 

I look forward to welcoming fans from around the world to our Downtown and showcasing on the world stage all the great things that Jacksonville has to offer.