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Jacksonville at the Forefront of Medical Innovation

March 28, 2018  
Collage of the mayor's visits to Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital and River City Science Academy visits

Earlier this month, I was honored to witness the amazing heights modern technology has reached. I am inspired by the bright future that lies ahead for the City of Jacksonville due to the innovation and leadership taking place within our community.

On March 2, I joined leaders at Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital for the announcement of an innovative new partnership that showcases how modern robotics technologies are helping patients with spinal cord injuries (SCI). Jacksonville is the first city in the nation to use CYBERDYNE's Medical Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL), the world's first advanced robotic medical device that has been shown to improve a patient's ability to walk.
It was remarkable to see the technology in action, as two SCI patients demonstrated how HAL is used in rehabilitation efforts. I can’t even imagine the amazing innovations our children will come up with as they continue to learn and grow.
That morning, my wife Molly and I visited River City Science Academy’s Innovation campus to read to elementary students for Read Across America Day. During our visit, we were treated to a demonstration by the school’s robotics club.
It was inspiring to see the enthusiasm these young students have for science and technology. Our future is in great hands.
Health and life sciences are a big part of our local community. Five of our top 10 employers are in the healthcare industry, and medical tourism generates an estimated $25 million annually. As mayor, I am committed to strengthening that connection, including efforts to promote and enhance STEM education for our youth.
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