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Cutting the Ribbon on Fire Station 61

March 06, 2020  
This morning, I joined the men and women of the Jacksonville Fire & Rescue Department and colleagues from City Council to cut the ribbon on a new fire station serving the Argyle and Oakleaf communities. 
Fire Engine 61
I am grateful to the teams at JFRD and Auld & White Constructors for getting the station built so quickly. Ground was broken in June last year, and we cut the ribbon in March. 

The Oakleaf and Argyle communities are one of the fastest growing areas of town, and this new station will help us better protect the lives and property of the thousands of residents who call this part of town home. 

Public safety is my top priority. And I seek to prove that commitment with actions and investments like this new Fire Station. Since taking office, my budgets have invested in new personnel, resources, technologies and equipment to help our first responders in their mission to protect the lives of Jacksonville citizens. As a result, for the first time in JFRD’s long history, there is a rescue unit assigned to every Fire Station in the city. 

Fire Station 61 will increase the response times of emergency crews for the 200 businesses and 14,000 residents in Oakleaf and Argyle. As any emergency responder can tell you, seconds count. The sooner they reach you, the better your chances are for survival. The new station also contributes to cost-saving reductions to insurance premiums for residential and commercial property owners. 

So again, thanks to JFRD, my colleagues on City Council, and everyone on the team who took this new Fire Station from vision to reality. It means a lot to the citizens of Oakleaf and Argyle.