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City Council Approves Jobs for Jax

May 27, 2021  
In a 14-5 vote, the Jacksonville City Council approved the mayor's Jobs for Jax legislation. Read Mayor Lenny Curry's full statement: 
City Council voted 14-5 to approve the mayor's Jobs for Jax legislation
Hello everyone. I want to take a moment and express my sincere gratitude to my colleagues on the Jacksonville City Council for approving the Jobs for Jax legislation earlier this morning.

I would also like to thank Nat Ford and his team at JTA for their tireless efforts throughout this process. And to the people of Jacksonville, thank you for sharing your voice in numerous town halls, emails, and phone calls to your City Council representatives.

Jobs for Jax will take the local option gas tax, a tool already used by many neighboring counties and other major metropolitan areas in the state, to create jobs and make much needed improvements throughout the city.

This plan will create thousands of jobs, enhance quality of life for our citizens, and improve economic outlooks for our neighborhoods. In fact, this is projected to raise nearly a billion dollars over the next 30 years.

While the funds from the new gas tax will be used to pay for transportation infrastructure improvements, this will free up millions of dollars for other priorities that are currently allocated to the City’s Capital Improvement Plan.

My team and I have worked with my colleagues in City Council to allocate these dollars toward the septic tank phaseouts that so many neighborhoods were promised decades ago. It is past time our City government made true on those promises.

The longer we wait, the more expensive it gets, and the bigger the problem becomes. The time for action is now, and today we took those first steps. In closing I would like to quote my friend and City Council President, Tommy Hazouri. When we first introduced this legislation, President Hazouri shared these words: "If not now, when? Yesterday wasn’t soon enough. Tomorrow is too late.”
Once again, I want to thank the council for approving this important legislation and helping to move our City forward.