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Packaging Meals at the Louis Dinah Senior Center

May 05, 2021  
Yesterday, I visited members of our Senior Services team at the Louis Dinah Senior Center to help package meals for delivery to Jacksonville Seniors.
Mayor Curry talking to Senior Services employees at the Louis Dinah Senior Center
Our Senior Centers have always been a place where our older citizens could gather social, educational, and wellness programs that encourage and empower them to live active and independent lifestyles.
When the COVID-19 pandemic came around, the City was forced to close these vital community assets to protect one of our most vulnerable populations. Despite the closures, our team continued to work to find new, innovative ways to provide these needed services. One of the solutions our team came up with was meal deliveries and drive-thru pick up services.
Since last March, when the pandemic began, the City has provided more than 275,000 meals through these programs. And when I asked the team how many meals they provide per day, they said nearly 1,000. That’s amazing.
I am extremely grateful to have so many dedicated and compassionate public servants on our Senior Services Division team. It was a true blessing to thank them for what they do and help pack meals yesterday.