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No Slacking Any Time

November 01, 2017  
Mayor Curry talking to a Daniel Academy student at the bill signing for the Kids Hope Alliance

There was a sign on the wall, just above the whiteboard, in the classroom at Daniel Academy where I signed the Kids Hope Alliance (KHA) legislation into law. It read, “No Slacking Any Time.”

That’s a message I take to heart.
When I took the oath of office more than two years ago, I committed to governing with a sense of urgency. The people of Jacksonville deserve a government that will act quickly to address real issues.
We demonstrated our urgency when tackling the pension crisis, strengthening our investments in public safety as evidenced in the last three budgets, and reforming our programs to serve children.
The Kids Hope Alliance will use research-based programs and strategies that lead to better students and communities. After appointing a 7-member board and CEO, KHA will work with area nonprofits to perform these services, while ensuring these efforts support our public safety goals.

The group will also be responsible for developing metrics and procedures to measure the successes of these programs, ensuring that taxpayers receive the maximum return for their investments.

Our Jacksonville should be celebrated as a family-friendly city where every kid, in every ZIP code, has the tools, resources and opportunities to succeed. These reforms lead us closer to that goal.

With the signing of the KHA bill, we’re taking the next step in a long journey to improve the lives of children throughout our city. But our work does not stop here. It continues with more focus, more determination and more passion.

“No Slacking Any Time.”