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Bar-B-Que with Jacksonville Broadcast Legend, Robbie Rose

November 20, 2019  
Earlier this month, I sat down for lunch at Fred Cotten's Landmark Bar-B-Que with a true Jacksonville institution: radio and television legend Robbie Rose. 
There isn't much Robbie Rose hasn't done in his nearly 50 years on TV and radio. He's introduced the likes of President George W. Bush and music legend Charlie Daniels, and he's flown with the world-famous Blue Angels.

Rose is a fourth generation Jacksonville native from the Northside. He's seen a lot in our city over the years, and I asked him about his experiences and observations living in the Bold City, and his excitement for what the future holds. 

This is the second in a series of videos where I interview citizens from our community to discuss their experiences here in our beautiful town. 

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