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Continuing A Proud Tradition

November 12, 2020  
An overhead view of ROTC students marching in the 2020 Veterans Day Parade.

Yesterday, despite the many challenges this year has brought us, the people of Jacksonville came together in a safe and responsible way to honor the service and sacrifice of our nation's heroes. The 2020 Veterans Day Parade demonstrated our city's strong ties and deep commitment to our military service men and women. 

As anyone who visits our city quickly figures out, Jacksonville is a proud military city. That pride shines through not just on Veterans Day, but throughout the year.  

My family, like many others in our community, came to Jacksonville because of the U.S. Navy. And we stayed here, put down our roots, and made this community our home. My father was a sailor, and both my grandfathers served in World War II. I'm sure many in our community can name at least one and perhaps many more members of their family who have served. 

With Jacksonville's two naval installations, numerous commands, and thousands of active duty, retired, and reserve personnel, the honor of military service is ingrained in our culture and identity. These men and women are integral to our city. They're our friends, neighbors, and coworkers, and we welcome them all with open arms. 

This year, my office highlighted three area veterans who have made amazing contributions to our community: Sollie Mitchell, Fred Berley, and Gloria McNair. Please watch the three videos below and take a moment to thank a veteran who has made an impact in your life.