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Showcasing Northeast Florida's Natural Beauty

November 20, 2020  
The First Coast is a region that is blessed with tremendous natural beauty. Few views are as breathtaking as a sunrise or sunset overlooking the vast salt marsh at Betz Tiger Point Preserve or Pumpkin Hill Creek State Park.
A woman overlooking the waterway on the dock at Betz Tiger Pointe Preserve.
We are surrounded by immense natural beauty in Jacksonville, but we don’t talk about it. We don’t highlight it enough as the amazing strength that it is. The City and our amazing partners recognize that the tremendous potential we have and worked together on a plan to highlight this strength.

Today, we announced the completion of a brand-new recreational area for Jacksonville citizens and visitors to enjoy: 7 Creeks Recreation Area.
7 Creeks is comprised of 5,600 acres of contiguous conservation lands managed by the City and our amazing partners. We are working together to provide an interconnected and seamless experience for all park visitors. The area offers more than 30 miles of natural-surface trails perfect for hiking, biking, horseback riding and exploring Northeast Florida’s diverse ecosystems. And the area is surrounded by expansive saltmarsh of the Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve that offers an extensive network of tidal creeks for kayakers, boaters, paddleboarders, and fishermen.  

In addition, we’ve expanded, improved and re-marked area trails provide easier navigation for hikers, off-road cyclists, and horseback riders. And we designated a connected 7-mile route named “7 Creeks Trail” that traverses most of the properties, highlighting some of the most scenic views of natural beauty on the First Coast. 

We’ve also built two new trailhead and picnic areas; one at the north end of Betz-Tiger Point Preserve with a new kayak launch and fishing platform on Edwards Creek, and the second located at Cedar Point Preserve on Black Hammock Island. 

For paddlers, multiple kayak launches are available and are highlighted in both the Timucuan Trail Waterway Guide and the latest paddling guide that has been developed for Nassau River-Thomas Creek.
The goals of this project are to improve the quality of life for citizens throughout the First Coast, bring in more visitors by showcasing our incredible natural beauty, and get more people to explore and appreciate the wonderful offerings and amenities in our area parklands. 
As I mentioned earlier, this amazing project is made possible by the contributions and collaborations of our remarkable partners at the National Park Service, Florida State Parks, Timucuan Parks Foundation, North Florida Land Trust, and Visit Jacksonville. 
7 Creeks is an amazing project, and I can’t wait to explore the trails and waterways with my family soon.