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Committed to the Safety of Citizens

October 18, 2017  
With two years and now our third budget behind us, Jacksonville continues to send a strong message that we are united and committed to addressing key priorities.
When my team and I develop the City budget, we base the numbers on real experiences and needs. The conversations with residents on the front steps in neighborhoods throughout Jacksonville influence our budget.
Budgets are statements of priorities, and this budget reflects Jacksonville’s steadfast commitment to public safety.
This budget includes funding for the hiring of 100 new police officers. During the campaign, I promised to bring back 147 police officer positions that were cut in the previous administration. With the positions in this budget, and the 80 in the previous two, we have surpassed that goal.
But it takes more than officers on the street to make Jacksonville a safer community. We’re also investing in new technologies like a Gun Crime Intelligence Center and an improved 9-1-1 system. We’re devoting resources for equipment enhancements that keep our first responders safe. And we’re investing in neighborhoods throughout the city to strengthen the community fabric – neighborhoods like New Town around Edward Waters College.
This budget demonstrates my continued commitment to improving the safety of citizens and neighborhoods throughout Jacksonville.