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What pets can teach our children

October 03, 2017  
The mayor's dogs, Blake & Beatrice.

During the long campaign for mayor, I promised the kids that we could get a dog. I won, and so did they.

We now have two great dogs. Blake and Beatrice have brought so much joy into our family.
Pets bring so much love and happiness to the table. They also teach our children essential life lessons. Through taking care of our dogs, my children have learned the importance of responsibility, compassion, and patience.
If you could use more of that in your life, consider adopting a dog or cat from Animal Care & Protective Services (ACPS).
Our team at Animal Care & Protective Services works very hard to serve our community. If you’re looking to add more love to your family, consider adopting or fostering an animal from ACPS.
Learn more about efforts to help Jacksonville’s furry friends at