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Customer Service Week

October 10, 2019  
Every October since 1992, the United States observes Customer Service Week in recogntiion of the contributions customer service professionals have in our communities. This year, to show my appreciation for the hardworking professionals at the City of Jacksonville, I am sharing my gratitude for our amazing team at 630-CITY. 
View the 2019 Customer Service Week proclamation

The men and women in our customer call center are on the front lines every day, interacting with customers, finding answers and solving problems. I applaud each of them for their continued commitment, poise and compassionate public service. 

I had the pleasure of joining the team at a recent meeting to share my thanks and gratitude for their service to our community, and to answer a few of the hot topic questions on their (and their callers') minds. 

These professionals are often the face of municipal government, and the primary point of contact for our citizens. They play an integral role in helping us better serve the people of Jacksonville. So far this year, our 630-CITY team has assisted nearly 540,000 citizens.

Please join me in thanking these hardworking and dedicated City employees for their service to our community.