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Supporting Survivors of Domestic Violence

October 02, 2020  
This week, I joined Sheriff Mike Williams, and leaders from the State Attorney's Office and Hubbard House for a virtual kickoff of Domestic Violence Awareness Month in Jacksonville.
This month, held annually each October, is about increasing awareness and encouraging all citizens of our city to take a stand, support victims and make every relationship in Jacksonville violence free. 

View the 2020 Domestic Violence Awareness Month Proclamation 

All domestic violence cases are tragic and heartbreaking. Reports show that there were more than 8,000 domestic violence offenses reported in Duval County in 2019. But what is more tragic is that more go unreported, leaving victims to suffer in silence.

These cases are not private family matters. They are crimes. Serious crimes that destroy families and have a profound impact on our entire community. That’s why we must take action. We must also let victims know that they are not alone, that their community is here to support them and to give them hope.

Join me this October in  working to eliminate the personal and institutional violence against adults and children, to encourage healthy, supportive relationships, and recognize the vital role Hubbard House, law enforcement, and other partners play in serving this vulnerable portion of our community.