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We are a resilient city

September 26, 2017  

You can tell a lot about a people by how they respond in times of challenge. These events can be defining moments for communities. Hurricane Irma has proven, once again, that Jacksonville is a resilient city full of resilient people.

Our city has seen its share of challenges. Each time, Jacksonville came back stronger.
Irma brought destructive winds and record-setting storm surge to Jacksonville. The St. Johns River and its tributaries flooded at levels unseen in more than 170 years or recordkeeping. Families were forced to flee their homes to escape the rising tides. My heart goes out to all those affected by the devastation of this storm.
Through these challenges shined the strong character of our people. As I walked neighborhoods throughout this city, I saw countless examples of neighbors coming together to help each other recover. I heard numerous tales of friends sharing supplies and shelter with those in need.  And I witnessed the bravery and selfless dedication of our first responders as they braved harsh conditions to rescue citizens from danger.
We are a resilient city because of our people. And we will bounce back from the damage Irma has caused. I am confident in our ability to rebuild as a stronger One City. One Jacksonville.
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