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Breaking Ground on Fire Station #63

September 25, 2020  
This week, I joined my colleagues on City Council and the brave men and women of the Jacksonville Fire Department (JFRD) on Gate Parkway to break ground on a brand new fire station for our city. 
Masked JFRD personnel stand at attention at the groundbreaking for Fire Station #63.
Gate Parkway is the future home to Fire Station #63 inthe rapidly growing community around the St. Johns Town Center. This station will help JFRD better protect the lives and property of the thousands of residents who call this part of town home.

I firmly believe that the top priority of any government, at any level, should be the safety of its citizens. It is certainly my top priority. Since taking office, my budgets have demonstrated this commitment, with investments in personnel, technologies, and equipment to help our first responders in their mission to protect the lives of Jacksonville citizens. That’s why in past budgets we made sure that there is a rescue unit assigned to every Fire Station in the city. 

This new Fire Station will increase the response times of emergency crews for businesses and residents in this area of town. This is important because as any of the Fire and Rescue personnel here can tell you, seconds count in an emergency. The sooner they reach you, the better your chances are for survival. It also contributes to cost-saving reductions to insurance premiums for residential and commercial property owners. 

Fire Station #63, combined with our other investments in public safety, demonstrates a strong and continued commitment to public safety for the people of Jacksonville. And that committment will continue in the years ahead.