(Mayor's message to CWA employees on Jan. 31, 2017)

Dear Colleagues:

This morning, my negotiating team presented a new contract offer to your CWA leadership. Recognizing the valuable contributions you make to our city, my proposal includes a 14% salary increase for full-time CWA employees over the next three years - 5% in year one, 4.5% in year two, and 4.5% in year three - and a one-time lump sum consideration of 2% of your annual salary.

As you recall, Jacksonville voters overwhelming approved last August an existing half-penny sales tax as a potential funding source for our unfunded pension liability. However, in order to utilize that funding, the law requires us to close our existing pension plans to new hires. Your pension benefits and those of retirees stay exactly as they are. However, existing employees will be required to raise their pension contribution from 8% to 10%.

The retirement plan I have proposed for new hires is designed to attract and retain quality new employees. It includes a 12% City contribution to an 8% employee contribution, effective immediately upon hire. Disability and death benefits are also provided to new hires.

This proposal demonstrates my commitment to honoring your hard work and dedication, and to serving the interests and needs of taxpayers by resolving Jacksonville’s unfunded pension liability once and for all. My offer rewards your service with well-deserved salary increases; maintains the pension benefits you’ve earned; and creates attractive and sustainable retirement benefits for new employees.

Thank you for your service to the people of Jacksonville.


Mayor Lenny Curry