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Mayor Lenny CurryMayor Lenny Curry is the 44th mayor of the City of Jacksonville, Florida. A native Floridian, husband, father, and business owner, he was sworn in on July 1, 2015.

Since his election, the Curry administration has demonstrated bold and collaborative leadership resulting in numerous achievements, including the implementation of a solution to the City’s long-standing pension crisis, reformed children’s services with the creation of the Kids Hope Alliance, and investments in law enforcement, neighborhoods, and resources that support public safety.

With a vision for One City. One Jacksonville., the mayor leads and governs with five key priorities which include public safety, economic & community development, youth enrichment, health & wellness, and leadership & accountability. Read more Skip to Next Article Return to Digital River Navigation
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Mayor Curry and a crowd in city hall Office of Mayor Lenny Curry
City Hall at St. James, Suite 400
117 W. Duval St.
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Phone: (904) 630-1776
Fax: (904) 630-2391

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Mayor Curry discussing his pension solution with City Employees during a town hall meeting at City Hall - St. James Building As a result of diligent and thoughtful work, extensive community dialogue, and tough negotiations with union leadership, Jacksonville achieved a solution that designates a dedicated revenue stream to properly fund our pension obligations to current and past employees, offers attractive and sustainable retirement benefits to new hires, and provides budget relief for essential services including public safety, economic development and neighborhoods.

The voters, City Council, and employee unions approved Mayor Lenny Curry's solution to solve one of the biggest issues in Jacksonville’s history, affording the city the opportunity to solve our $2.7 billion pension crisis. The voters recognized that annual pension costs, approaching $300 million a year, are unsustainable.

As owners of 25 percent of the total unfunded pension liability of the more than 400 cities and counties throughout the state, the City of Jacksonville was paying an additional $160 million a year above its normal pension contribution for its three public pension funds. The City contribution to the three pension funds was nearly 20 percent of the City’s operating budget. The Police & Fire Pension Fund is currently at a 46 percent funded level with an unfunded liability of over $1.6 billion; The General Employee Pension Fund is at a 60 percent funded level with an unfunded liability of approximately $910 million; and the Corrections Officers’ Pension Fund is at a 48 percent funded level with an unfunded liability of over $120 million. The total of the unfunded liabilities of the three public pension funds is more than $2.7 billion. The mayor's plan provides an immediate solution to avoid being plunged into a financial crisis.

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Public Safety
Since taking office, improving public safety has remained a priority for Mayor Lenny Curry. He has been committed to working closely with law enforcement officials and community leaders to improve safety for the citizens of Jacksonville.
Economic Development
To enhance the quality of life for all of Jacksonville by developing and executing policies that strengthen the economy, broaden the tax base, and create opportunities for advancement of the workforce and local small business enterprises.
Mayor Curry is committed to investing in neighborhoods to ensure a good quality of life for every resident in Jacksonville. Whether that's through cleaner streets with fewer potholes and blighted conditions, or quality libraries and safe communities for children and families.
Initiatives such as Journey To ONE and the Mayor's Summer Jobs Program exist to better aid Jacksonville's future to maximize children's potential to be healthy, safe, educated and contributing members of the community.
Health & Wellness
The health and well-being of residents is a key indicator to the vitality and health of a community. Through his Journey To ONE initiative, the mayor is committed to ensuring that every citizen, in every zip code, has resources to live well in Jacksonville.
Leadership & Accountability
Mayor Curry commits to leading Jacksonville in a way that shows the utmost respect and appreciation for Jacksonville taxpayers.
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Mayor curry in front of the City of Jacksonville Learn more about programs and initiatives the Mayor is leading to solve important issues facing Jacksonville.
  • Pension reform - information on the mayor's plan to solve the city's long-standing, $2.7 billion pension crisis
  • Jax Journey - a data-driven crime prevention and intervention program focused on at-risk youth and ex-offenders
  • Journey To ONE - a citywide health initiative to provide, strengthen and bolster initiatives that improve personal and community health throughout Jacksonville.
  • Fight Blight - an initiative to make Jacksonville neighborhoods safer, cleaner and more beautiful places for all of us to live.
  • My One Thing - citizens in neighborhoods across our city are encouraged to share one thing they love about Jacksonville using the #MyOneThing hastag on social media.
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