The City of Jacksonville Unites with the City of Orlando

Dear Citizens: 

Since last Sunday, I have marveled at the level of support expressed throughout our nation for the city of Orlando. Jacksonville is no exception, as evidenced by the generosity of so many foundations, organizations and people. I was recently granted an opportunity to speak with the parents of the Jacksonville resident who was among the 49 who perished in the Orlando terrorist attack. Orlando terrorist attack – even those words strung together sound odd. Terrorism now describes a city once synonymous with magic, wonder, and fun. It’s now a memory parents, siblings, spouses, friends and family will forever carry with them. During my conversation, I asked the parents what could I or the city offer them. They shared that the greatest thing we could provide are prayers. As a man of great faith, I understand the value of prayer. As a family member to an Orlando couple who lost dear friends in this attack, I understand the hopelessness that so many feel.

In an effort to bring a bit of hope and love to a community that hurts, I’m leading a Dear Orlando postcard campaign that allows Jacksonville citizens to share their thoughts and words of support for members of the Orlando community. Our Dear Orlando postcards will be available at all 21 Public Library locations throughout Jacksonville, beginning next Wednesday, June 22. The campaign will run through July 30th – the International Day of Friendship – when the postcards will be sent to the City of Orlando to express Jacksonville’s love and support for “the City Beautiful.”
Orlando will regain its strength. The greatest path to healing is through support. Jacksonville – let’s show the people of Orlando that we are thinking of and praying for them.

One Jacksonville for One Orlando.

Mayor Lenny Curry

Dear Orlando

Show your support for Orlando by expressing your thoughts on the Dear Orlando postcard. Available at all public library locations on Wednesday, June 22, the postcards provide space for you to send a message to the citizens of Orlando and wish them well. The cards will be collected from the libraries and sent to the City of Orlando on July 30, the International Day of Friendship.

Download a PDF of the "Dear Orlando" postcard


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