City of Jacksonville Public Works Employees Score High at Annual Equipment Rodeo

April 30, 2013  
A lightning loader comeptition at the recent American Public Works Association Equipment Rodeo here in Jacksonville

Five City of Jacksonville Department of Public Works employees demonstrated excellence in equipment operation and winning skills at the Equipment Rodeo held on Wednesday, April 24, during the American Public Works Association (APWA) Florida Chapter conference held in Jacksonville.

The centerpiece of the day’s event was the Professional Skills Competition held in the parking lot of the Prime Osborn Convention Center. APWA-approved equipment dealers hosted eight challenging and innovative events aimed to test the skills, safety and time of competitors. Types of equipment featured at the event included a mini-excavator, a sewer cleaner, a backhoe loader and a remote-control mower. Competitions included obstacle courses and tasks emphasizing skill and agility.

The City of Jacksonville Department of Public Works employees and their rankings out of 48 competitors were:

  • 1st place - Mike Someillan, Public Works Operator
  • 2nd place - Kevin Ware – Right of Way & Grounds Maintenance Crew leader
  • 12th place - Ralph Santiago – Right of Way & Grounds Maintenance Worker II
  • 16th place - Dwayne Evans – Right of Way & Grounds Maintenance Worker II
  • 29th place - Jerome Martin – Public Works Operator
One of the competitions including using heavy equipment to stack sections of telephone postsPrizes were also awarded for the fastest times. Mike Someillan had the fastest time on the Kaiser Excavator and was second fastest on the Lightning Loader; Kevin Ware had the fastest time on the Lightning Loader.
The skill competition is open to all city and county Public Works Departments across the state of Florida. The goal is to give employees from other cities the opportunity to meet people who do the same type of work they do, and display their skills against each other in a fun, competitive setting. 
For further information on the annual Public Works conference and the Equipment Rodeo, please visit: APWA Florida Chapter Conference.