City's Office of Inspector General Becomes First Local Government Agency in Florida to Receive State Accreditation for Inspectors General

October 30, 2020  
COJ OIG employees holding up accreditation certificate

The City of Jacksonville’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) earned initial accreditation through the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation, Inc. (CFA) as part of the organization’s Inspectors General Accreditation Program. Thirty-eight inspectors general in the state have received the recognition, with the City’s agency being the only one to represent a municipality. A CFA accreditation demonstrates an inspector general office’s commitment to adhering to professionally-recognized best practices that will enhance the quality of service provided to its community. 

“An accreditation program has long been recognized as a means of maintaining the highest standards of professionalism,” said Danielle Terrell, executive director of the Florida Accreditation Office. “It offers a blueprint for building an agency committed to providing value-based services through accountability and transparency to the communities it serves. Congratulations to the hardworking men and women the City of Jacksonville, Office of Inspector General on this great accomplishment.”
To achieve accreditation, the OIG’s operations were evaluated on the 46 standards outlined in “The Florida Inspectors General Standards Manual” to measure professionalism, effectiveness, efficiency and accountability. Systems and functions that were reviewed included organization and governing principles, training, notification process and case management, among several others. With zero deficiencies noted, the OIG was highly recommended for accreditation by the CFA Assessment Team.
City of Jacksonville Inspector General Lisa Green stated: “On behalf of the Office of Inspector General, City of Jacksonville, it is an honor and privilege to join in the distinguished company of other CFA accredited agencies and colleagues.
Accreditation is a process whereby the citizens of the Jacksonville can be assured the OIG is accountable to maintaining the highest professional standards while executing independent and responsible oversight. I wish to recognize the entire OIG staff for their dedication and commitment to achieving this accreditation milestone.”
Initial accreditation is valid for three years, with reaccreditation required every three years thereafter. For more information about the CFA accreditation program, visit
About the Office of Inspector General: The City of Jacksonville’s Office of Inspector General is an independent agency entrusted with fostering and promoting accountability and integrity within the consolidated government. Its responsibilities include reviewing and evaluating internal controls to protect the resources of the entire consolidated government against fraud, waste, inefficiency, mismanagement, misconduct and other abuses. The OIG accomplishes its duties, in part, through conducting audits, investigations and contract oversight reviews.