Dear Orlando...The City of Jacksonville is Thinking of You

June 16, 2016  
Postcard Campaign Provides Jacksonville Citizens Opportunity to Express Support
Earlier this week, the city of Orlando became home to the deadliest mass shooting in our country’s history. Forty-nine lives were lost, and just as many injured in an early Sunday morning attack. Jacksonville citizens are among millions who are mourning over the senseless and cowardly act of violence federal investigators are identifying as terrorism. In an effort to demonstrate support for our fellow Floridians, the City of Jacksonville, led by Mayor Lenny Curry, is launching a Dear Orlando postcard campaign to provide Jacksonville residents with an opportunity to share messages of hope and love with Orlando residents.
Mayor Curry's
“I was truly devastated upon hearing the news of this horrible tragedy,” said Mayor Curry. “And I know there are millions who share this same sentiment. Orlando is a celebrated city, a shining star for Florida, and our nation. Our Dear Orlando campaign gives the people of Jacksonville the opportunity to express their thoughts and sentiments to members of the Orlando community.”

The postcards in the Dear Orlando postcard campaign will be available at public library locations throughout the city of Jacksonville starting next week (week of June 20). Citizens can pick up and return postcards to one of the city’s 21 library locations. The opening postcard message reads “Dear Orlando – You are a city long celebrated for magic, wonder and fun. With the love, support and sentiments of millions around the world, you will smile again. One Jacksonville for One Orlando.” A space follows that allows citizens to add their own messages.

The campaign will run through July 30, the International Day of Friendship, when the cards will be sent to the City of Orlando to express Jacksonville’s support and love.

Download a PDF of the "Dear Orlando" postcard

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