Joint Statement from Mayor Curry and Toney Sleiman

February 20, 2019  

For decades, the location of the Jacksonville Landing has served as a central fixture in the city’s downtown. As the future of downtown continues to be envisioned, it is important for stakeholders to always consider new possibilities. With that in mind, Jacksonville Landing Investments (JLI) and Mayor Curry on behalf of Jacksonville have entered into a Settlement Agreement for the terms by which the Jacksonville Landing and the property at its location would see their best and highest use realized. Both parties agree that with the future of Jacksonville shining so bright, now is the time to forge this path forward.

“For years, Jacksonville Landing Investments and Sleiman Enterprises have contributed immeasurably to development and job creation in and around Jacksonville,” said Mayor Lenny Curry. “The Landing has been a fixture in the community much like the Sleiman organization, who stepped in at a time when the property’s future was in doubt upon the exit of the original developer. On behalf of the citizens of Jacksonville, I appreciate their willingness to work with me so that Jacksonville can consider an alternate path forward for the location of the Landing.”
“Mayor Curry is having success in Jacksonville and in downtown,” said Toney Sleiman on behalf of JLI. “The JLI team and the entire Sleiman organization want to see that success continue and we are ready to see this process come to a mutually agreed conclusion.”
Pending the presentation of the settlement agreement, all parties have agreed that this will be the only statement outside of legal proceedings regarding the Landing and the adjoining land parcels.