Mayor Curry to Jax Journey Oversight Committee: “This is our issue. This is our cause.”

January 29, 2016  
Mayor Curry speaking at the Jacksonville Journey Oversight Committee on Jan. 28, 2016

At the January meeting of the Jax Journey Oversight Committee, Mayor Lenny Curry reaffirmed his commitment to the initiative and its mission to reduce violent crime in Jacksonville. 

“This is our issue. This is our cause,” said Mayor Curry during his remarks to the committee. “With all of the things going on in our city, this is the thing we have to focus on.”

Public safety has been a top priority for Mayor Curry since taking office last July. In December, the mayor relaunched the Jax Journey to enhance crime prevention and intervention efforts that have historically proven to reduce levels of violent crime. Last week, he announced the appointments of six community leaders to the committee, including the newly voted chair, W.C. Gentry.

At the meeting, Mayor Curry asked the committee to allocate additional funding to support the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office enforcement efforts in high-crime areas by helping to pay for more police officers throughout the community. The total amount of funds will be determined by the committee.

Citizens have an opportunity to join the conversation on reducing violent crime in Jacksonville at the next Community Conversation. The first meeting of this series is Feb. 11, 6 p.m. at FSCJ North Campus. Mayor Curry is seeking to engage citizens and leaders who share his commitment in a discussion on how to create brighter futures for youth. Sheriff Mike Williams and Superintendent Nikolai Vitti are expected to attend.

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