Mayor Lenny Curry Helps Fix Sidewalks

October 16, 2019  
Mayor Lenny Curry worked with public works crews in Northwest Jacksonville today fixing sidewalks, highlighting $14 million dollars in this years budget for new sidewalk construction and maintenance.
"The year before I got into office, there was something like $20 million in infrastructure invested all over the city. This past budget, it is $170 plus million." 

If the sidewalks in front of your residence need attention, please call 630-CITY (2489) or open a service request online at

Common service requests in the the Streets, Sidewalks or Drainage category include:
  • SIDEWALK: Request service for a new or existing sidewalk.
  • PAVEMENT: Request a pothole or pavement repair.
  • CURB: A curb has been damaged or requires maintenance.
  • DITCH: Request for ditch repair, cleaning or maintenance.