Mosquito Control Employee Earns State Recognition

October 30, 2018  
Richard Smith with the City's Mosquito Control Division

The City of Jacksonville Mosquito Control Division’s Richard Smith has been selected by the Board of Florida Mosquito Control Association (FMCA) to receive a 2018 FMCA Merit Award.

The award recognizes outstanding individual contributions in promoting control of disease-transmitting and pestiferous mosquitoes or other arthropods of public health importance, for scientific advancement of the discipline, or for developing or extending the public interest in the control of such mosquitoes or other arthropods.

The FMCA Merit Award was established for candidates who represent those characteristics generally associated with responsible leadership, good citizenship and personal integrity. The candidate must be an FMCA member and have made significant contributions to the association.

Smith, a City of Jacksonville employee for 42 years, currently serves as a superintendent in the Mosquito Control division. He will be presented the Merit Award at the 90th annual meeting of the FMCA in St. Petersburg, Florida on November 6.

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