Notice of Acceptance of Applications for Upcoming Jacksonville Ethics Commission Vacancy

September 29, 2015  
City Hall - St. James

The City of Jacksonville Ethics Commission is currently accepting applications for a forthcoming vacancy on the Ethics Commission.  The Ethics Commission will select its new member for a three year term beginning January 2016 following the Commission’s review of all submitted applications and interviews of applicants.  The Ethics Commission is comprised of nine (9) members appointed by either designated City of Jacksonville governmental officials or the Ethics Commission.  The Ethics Commission is responsible for selecting three (3) of the nine (9) Commission members.  The upcoming vacancy is for an appointment by the Ethics Commission.    

The Ethics Commission has a long, distinguished history in the City of Jacksonville of ensuring transparent and open government for the citizens.  Among its many outstanding accomplishments, the Ethics Commission has drafted and implemented the Jacksonville Ethics Code and successfully assisted in the establishment of an independent Office of Ethics, Compliance and Oversight that is primarily responsible for administering the Ethics Code.  Per Chapter 602, Part 9 of the Jacksonville Ordinance Code, the Ethics Commission performs numerous functions, including assisting the Office of Ethics, Compliance and Oversight, and investigating and consideration of any potential violation of the Jacksonville Ethics Code.
If you are interested in potentially being selected by the Ethics Commission to serve on the Commission, please complete the attached application per the instructions.  Please contact Kirby Oberdorfer, Deputy Director of the Office of Ethics, Compliance and Oversight, at (904) 630-4747  or for more information.    

Download the application