Wear Purple on October 24th to Support survivors of domestic violence

October 23, 2019  
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month with a purple ribbon

Show your support for domestic violence survivors and raise awareness by wearing purple on October 24, 2019 and using the hastags #PurpleThursday, #DVAM, and #SurvivorSpeaks on social media.

Not sure what to post? Use one of the sample messages below:

  • Did you know 12.7 million people are physically abused, raped or stalked by their partner in one year? That’s 24 people every minute. Because it’s someone you know. #DVAM #SurvivorSpeaks
  • As a society we have to remove the stigma around domestic violence. We need to make domestic violence an issue that we can talk about openly so
  • that victims and survivors won’t feel judged for experiencing abuse. #DVAM #SurvivorSpeaks
  • Go purple to take a stand against domestic violence and show your support for survivors during Domestic Violence Awareness Month through #PurpleThursday! #DVAM #SurvivorSpeaks 
Domestic violence affects millions, both women and men, of every race, religion, culture and status. In Duval County, more than 7,000 domestic violence offenses were reported to law enforcement, with many more remaining unreported.  If you are experiencing domestic abuse, please visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline website or call 1-800-799-7233. If you are in immediate danger, call 911.

Click here to read Mayor Curry’s Domestic Violence Awarenes Month proclamation.