City of Jacksonville

Jax Mayorthon Kids Club

October 02, 2019  
diverse group of smiling children

Open to Boys & Girls Ages 5-12

The Jax Mayorthon Kids Club is open to boys and girls, ages 5-12, throughout Duval County. Members pledge to have fun by making healthier food, exercise and safety choices every day. Good practices today can lead to a lifetime of habits that produce strong, healthy and smart adults. Start now! Become a role model for your family, friends, school and community. 

How to become a Jax Mayorthon Kid:

  • Visit to sign up as an official member of the Jax Mayorthon Kids Club.

  • Read Healthy Kids News articles to learn how to stay active and make healthy choices.

  • Download fun activities to strengthen your body and brain.

  • ‚ÄčTake the Jax Mayorthon Kids Club pledge to: 
    • Exercise at least one hour per day;
    • ‚ÄčEat five or more fresh fruits and vegetables daily;
    • Limit your screen time by going on a TV/computer diet;
    • Love your neighborhood and pick up litter;
    • Drink more water to keep your body healthy and hydrated;
    • Wash your hands after playing and before eating;
    • and always wear your seatbelt!