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City of Jacksonville
Public Records Notice
The City of Jacksonville is committed to making its website compliant with all state and federal laws, as well as accessible to as many people as possible. The City is currently developing a procedure to make all documents posted on the City’s website readable via screen reader. In the meantime, public records that are not currently accessible via screen reader will not be posted to the City’s website but remain available pursuant to a public records request. To submit a public records request online visit MyJax or call (904) 630-CITY and provide a description of the documents being requested. For documents requiring screen reader compatibility, requests will be directed to the originator of the correspondence.
Reading the pdf documents on this page requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader available free from Adobe.
  ORD Apv & Auth the Mayor, or His Designee, & the Corp Sec to Execute & Deliver that Certain Agrmt btwn COJ & Jacksonville Offshore Sports Fishing Club Inc. for Use of the William “Bill” Gulliford, Jr. Community Center, Located at David Wayne Pack Park, 4875 Ocean St, Jax, FL 32233 for a 3 Yr Term; Prov for Oversight by Parks, Rec & Community Svcs   
  ORD Auth the Mayor & Corp Secretary to Execute a 4th Amendment to the Contract With JU to Renew the Contract for a 4th Add’l Yr for the Continuing Manatee Protection Studies for FY 22-23, Subj to Appropriation by City Council; Prov for Oversight by the Planning & Dev Dept  
  ORD Apv & Auth the CEO of the DIA to Execute & Deliver on Behalf of the City that Certain Dev Agrmt btwn the DIA & the Jax Historical Naval Ship Association, Inc. (JHNSA), for the Relocation of the Retired Naval Vessel USS Orleck (DD-886) (USS Orleck) in Downtown Jax as a Floating Museum, to Pier 1 at the Former Jax Shipyard Site on Jacksonville’s Northbank, Said Agrmt Being for a Certain Term & Contingent Upon Certain Conditions Precedent Being Met by JHNSA Prior to the City’s Entering Into (1) a 10 Yr License Agrmt with JHNSA, with 2 5-Yr License Renewal Options, Subj to the Mutual Agrmt of the Parties, for JHNSA to Construct, Operate & Maintain the Ship Museum, & (2) a License Agrmt for an up to 2 Yr Term Unless Extended by the CEO of the DIA as Prov Therein, for JHNSA to Install Improvements to Support Temporary Access to the Ship Museum; Auth the DIA to Execute Tech Amendments to the Dev Agrmt & License Agrmts in Accord with the Terms of the Dev Agrmt  
  ORD Apv & Auth the Mayor or His Designee & Corp Sec to Execute a Redev Agrmt, Purchase & Sale Agrmt & Related Docs as Referenced Therein (Collectively, the “Agreements”) Btwn the City & A.R. Polar Jacksonville, LLC, & to Execute All Deeds & Closing Docs Relating Thereto, & Otherwise Take All Necessary Action to Effectuate the Purposes of the Agrmts, For the Purchase by the City of an ±1.6 Acre Parcel of Company-Owned Real Propty (Company Parcel), at its Appraised Value on the Northbank of the St. Johns River (a Portion of R.E. # 130574-0000), Upon Which the City Intends to Construct a Marine Fire Station & Fire Vessel Mooring Facility, in Exchange For 2 Options for the Company to Acquire Up to 4.75 Acres of City-Owned Real Propty, Currently Used as a Retention Pond (a Portion of R.E. # 130574-0150, the “City Parcel”); the 1st Option is to Acquire 58, 750 Sq Ft of the City Parcel, Equal to the Fair Market Value of the Company Parcel  
  ORD Transmitting to the State of FL’s Various Agencies for Review, A Proposed Large-Scale Revision to the FLUM Series of the 2030 Comp Plan at 0 Roosevelt Blvd, 4811 & 4837 Collins, btwn Roosevelt Blvd & Ortega Bluff Pkwy - (127.95± Acres) - LI, MDR & RPI to MDR & RPI - Edward L. Toney & Joan M. Toney, as Co-Trustees of the Joan M. Toney Revocable Trust Dated 7/28/17, & Jemset LLC   
  ORD re the Estab of Hogpen Creek Dependent Special Dist in Accordance with Sec 189.02, F.S.; Incorporating Recitals; Adopting a Charter for the “Hogpen Creek Dependent Special District” for the Limited Purpose of Dredging & Maintaining Navigable Waterway Access to the Intracoastal Waterway; Estab the Dependent Nature of the Dist; Estab the Purpose, Powers, Functions & Duties; Estab a Geographic Boundary for the Dist; Acknowledging the Authority to Create the Dependent Special Dist; Recognizing the Best Alternative; Estab a 7 Member Board of Supervisors to be Originally Appointed by the City Council with All 7 Initial Terms Exp on 5/18/27, & All 7 Supervisors Being Elected by the Qualified Electors of the Dist Beginning with the 2027 General Election; Prov Add’l Requirements; Identifying the Method of Financing; Recognizing the Consistency with the Comp Plan   
  ORD-MC Approp $65,000.00 From a Special Council Contingency Acct to Provide Funding for Regulatory Signage; Amend Sec 614.132 (Regulations on Operation of Boats), Ch 614 (Public Order & Safety), Ord Code, to Estab the Boating-restricted Area in the Arlington River Around the Cesery Bridge; Prov for Design & Implementation; Prov for Oversight; Prov for Codification Instructions  
  ORD Apv the Harbour Waterway Dependent Special Dist Proposed FY 23-24 Budget Pursuant to Ord 2010-725-E & Sec 189.02, F.S  
ORD Approp $75,000.00 from a FL Inland Navigation Dist (FIND) Proj for Reed Island to Prov Funding for Informational Signage to Warn Boaters of Shoaling Area; Prov for Design & Implementation; Prov for Oversight; Amend the 23-27 5-Yr CIP Appvd by Ord 2022-505-E to Reflect the Reduction in Funding for the Proj Entitled FIND Reed Island; Prov for Carryover
  ORD Apv & Auth the Mayor, or Her Designee, & Corp Sec to Execute & Deliver, for & on Behalf of the City, the Operating Svcs Agrmt btwn the City & St. Johns River Taxi, LLC for St. Johns River Taxi Operating & Marketing Svcs; Invoking the Exemption in Sec 126.107 (g) (Exemptions), Pt 1 (General Regulations), Ch 126 (Procurement Code), Ord Code, to Allow for a Direct Contract with St. Johns River Taxi, LLC for St. Johns River Taxi Operating & Marketing Svcs; Prov for City Oversight by the Dept of Parks, Rec & Community Svcs  
2023-0537   ORD Adopting a Small-Scale Amendmnt to the FLUM 2045 Comp Plan at 0 & 1010 Mill Creek Rd, btwn Regency Square Blvd N & Libby Rd S - (4.24± Acres) - CGC to MDR - 1010 Mill Creek,   
2023-0561   ORD Apv & Auth the Mayor, or Her Designee, & Corp Sec to Execute & Deliver a 1st Amendment to Grant Agrmt btwn the City & Mayport Waterfront, Inc. to: (1) Extend the Term of the Agrmt for a Period of 1 Yr to 9/30/24; (2) Amend the Scope of Svcs to Increase the No. of Fundraising Events & the Fundraising Goal; (3) Auth 2 Advance Payments for the Remaining Balance of Grant Funds to Recipient, the 1st in the Amt of $62,000 Due on 10/30/23, & the 2nd in the Amt of $36,000 Due on 1/31/24; & (4) Certain Other Amendments as Set Forth in the Amendment Auth Hereby; Waiving Sec 118.201 (f) (7) (Release of Appropriations), Pt 2 (Disbursement of City Grants), Ch 118 (City Grants), Ord Code, to Allow for Advance Payments to the Recipient; Prov for City Oversight by OED  
2023-0604   ORD Apv & Auth that Certain Settlement Agrmt btwn the City & Franklin Dodd, Jr., as Trustee, Under Land Trust #055660 Dated 1/17/13, & Auth the Mayor, or Her Designee, & the Corp Sec to Execute & Deliver All Closing & Other Docs Relating Thereto, & to Otherwise Take All Action Necessary to Effectuate the Purposes of the Agrmt, for Acquisition by the City, at the Negotiated Settlement Price of $180,000 in Lieu of Eminent Domain, of the Parcel Located at 281 King St, Jax, FL (R.E. #055660-0000) in Council Dist 7, to be Used for the McCoy’s Creek Restoration Proj; Prov for Oversight of Acquisition of the Property by the Real Estate Div of the Dept of Public Works & Thereafter by the Dept of Public Works  

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