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City of Jacksonville

Pursuant to Sec. 95.103, Ordinance Code:

The Commission shall be composed of 13 members, as follows:

(a) Three members of the City Council appointed by the Council President plus one member of the City Council to be designated as an alternate member and to act as an alternate in the absence of one of the appointed members.

(b) One member of the Duval County Legislative Delegation as designated by the Chairman of the Delegation.

(c) Nine members of the general public as appointed by the City Council. Commission members from the general public shall serve for three-year staggered terms or until their successors shall have been appointed by the City Council. Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 50.104, Ordinance Code, members from the general public may serve for up to three consecutive full terms. After serving three consecutive full terms, no member may be eligible for appointment for the next succeeding term.

(d) The Council President shall request that one member of the Planning Commission and one member of the Environmental Protection Board attend the Commission meetings and participate and advise the Commission as recognized by the Chair.

(e) The Council President shall annually designate a City Council member to act as chairman of the Commission and a member of the commission to act as vice-chairman of the Commission.


Commission Members:

Name Category Appointing Authority Term End Date
Al Ferraro, Chair Council Member Council President 6/30/2021
Michael Boylan, Vice Chair Council Member Council President 6/30/2021
Jon Michael Barker General Public Council 3/10/2023
Robert Birtalan General Public Council 12/31/2021
Garrett Dennis Council Member Council President 6/30/2022
Lindsey Brock General Public Council 12/31/2019
Lane T. Burnett General Public Council 12/31/2022
Cord Byrd Duval Delegation Duval Delegation 12/31/2019
Mark Devereaux General Public Council 12/31/2022
Andrew Fraden General Public Council 12/31/2021
Marc Hardesty General Public Council 12/31/2022
Jill Haskell General Public Council 12/31/2021
Ray Pringle General Public Council 12/31/2020
Matt Carlucci Council Member - Alternate Council President 6/30/2022