You can file a report with the Office of Inspector General by completing the online form below or by downloading and printing the Reporting Form (PDF) and then mailing or faxing the completed form to:

Office of Inspector General
231 E. Forsyth Street
Suite 470
Jacksonville, FL 32202
Fax:  (904) 255-5813

Reporting Form

The Office of Inspector General accepts complaints of potential fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement as it relates to the City of Jacksonville, its Constitutional Officers, its Independent Agencies, and contractors/vendors doing business with the Consolidated Government. Your information will be reviewed and assessed for potential violation(s) of governing laws, rules, policies, and procedures, in order to determine appropriate handling. You will be notified upon the completion of this review process, unless your information has been submitted anonymously.
Please complete the provided form in its entirety, where applicable. 


Thank you for contacting the Office of Inspector General (OIG). The OIG handles complaints of fraud, waste, and abuse concerning the offices and employees of the Consolidated Government of the City of Jacksonville, Florida, its Constitutional Officers and Independent Agencies.  The OIG will resume in-office, day-to-day operations after the COVID-19 JAX limited emergency has been lifted.  The OIG intends to review and address all complaints received concerning fraud, waste and abuse in a manner consistent with emerging priorities during COVID-19 JAX.  

1. During this COVID- 19 JAX limited emergency, please direct the following concerns to MYJAX via website ( or telephone (904-630-2489) 2. Please direct  the following routine service requests directly to MYJAX via website (
  •  Complaints involving general City Operations (trash, recycling, code violations, City inspections, etc.)
3. Visit JAXREADY.COM/VIRUS for COVID-19 Information and updates.

4. If your complaint involves violations of law, please submit a reporting form directly to the Jacksonville Sherriff’s Office:

5. If your complaint involves an emergency, call 9-1-1 (TTY Services Available).

2. Do you wish to remain anonymous?:

When reporting fraud, waste, or abuse, you may remain anonymous if you wish. You are encouraged to identify yourself so that we may follow-up on your complaint via e-mail, telephone, or in person and obtain additional information that may be helpful to our review of the matter.  
3. I request whistle-blower status:

Note: You must provide your full FIRST and LAST name in order to be considered for whistle-blower status. (ONLY current employees or current contracted employees of the Consolidated Government may be granted whistleblower status, in accordance with Part 5, Chapter 602, Ordinance Code.)
In order to be granted whistle-blower status your complaint(s) must allege an act or suspected act of gross mismanagement, malfeasance, misfeasance, gross waste of public funds, or gross neglect of duty committed by an employee or agent of an agency or independent contractor or any violation or suspected violation of any federal, state, or local law, rule, or regulation committed by an employee or agent of an agency or independent contractor which creates and presents a substantial and specific danger to the public’s health, safety, or welfare.

Please provide the following information about the person(s), department, agency, entity, contractor or vendor about which you are alleging committed waste, fraud, misconduct, mismanagement, or other abuse.

Include first and last name, job title, place of employment and addresses, if known.  
(You may email additional information to support this complaint, to include attachments, photos, etc. to: )  
Include first and last name, job title, place of employment and addresses, if known.   
9. Have you previously contacted or do you intend to contact the Department or Agency directly responsible for this issue?:

11. If you are not requesting to remain anonymous, please provide the following: 

( ) -
( ) -
14. Are you willing to be interviewed in order to provide further information?: