Mayor Deegan's Staff

This brilliant group of collaborators, problem solvers, innovators, and leaders bring vast experience in government, business, philanthropy, and community engagement. Our culture at City Hall will be an inclusive one where we encourage collaboration between leaders from all walks of life and who look like Jacksonville.

Mayor Deegan


Donna Deegan, Mayor

Erica Connor, Executive Assistant to the Mayor

Karen Bowling, Chief Administrative Officer

Sheri Webber, Executive Assistant to the Chief Administrative Officer & Special Projects

Kelli O’Leary, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer

Pat McCollough, Chief of Staff

Jovial Harper, Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff

Joe Inderhees, Deputy Chief of Staff

Brittany Norris, Director of Intergovernmental Affairs

Scott Wilson, City Council Liaison

Phil Perry, Chief Communications Officer

Melissa Ross, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Liaison to the Press

Dr. Parvez Ahmed, Chief of Diversity and Inclusion

Lakesha Burton, Director of Community Initiatives

Dr. Sunil Joshi, Chief Health Officer

Lynn Sherman, Executive Director of Health Programs

Dr. Tracye Polson, Director of Strategic Partnerships

Garrett Dennis, Director of Boards and Commissions

Bill Delaney, Council Liason

Alice Newman, Front Office Manager

William Adams, Administrative Assistant